My Favorite English Language Newspaper For Travels Abroad and World News

Do you frequently travel to foreign countries and find it difficult to get your regular newspaper? Financial Times is a great source of information on the current state of affairs in our dynamic world.

It is a fact that I was on many international trips before I realized the value of Financial Times. I asked for it in a plane. It wasn’t until I was already stock trading as part my pension savings, that I opened Financial Times.

Financial Times has been my favorite ‘on-board newspaper’ since then, and I keep a lot of it for future reference. Financial Times is a great source of information on business, corporations and the stock markets around the world. Financial Times’s detailed reports and reviews on what is happening around the globe are the true value for me. Financial Times provides a lot of neutral information and evaluates the situation. Sometimes, Financial Times takes a more critical approach that is consistent with professional journalism.

This level of seriousness is a function of Financial Times, which I consider an important source for information to support decision-making in big business. False information and biased news about a country’s situation could not only confuse the reader, but also be disastrous for big business decisions.

Many American politicians would be better informed about the world around them if they read Financial Times every day. Financial Times is not something I would recommend to Americans. Too many Americans don’t read a daily newspaper and instead rely on television news.

Television news, particularly the most popular, isn’t always trustworthy. This includes information about the rest. To put it mildly, I think the world would be very different if more Americans had access to Financial Times for background information about their political views and the world.

The original motivation behind opening the first Financial Times was my interest in the stock market. It was the year prior to the crash. I was able avoid serious losses by being aware of the potential catastrophe that would befall many stocks in IT and the new economy.

For the common man concerned about his future, the Financial Times is a worthwhile investment. It also offers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world and the lives of those living in this beautiful and fragile world.


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