World Crises and Negotiations: Relevant or Photo – Ops

We are witnessing, almost daily, too many instances where it is difficult to distinguish between true issues (which require immediate attention) and those that have been manipulated by someone for their own personal/political agenda and/or self-interest. We are often told Breaking News.How is it possible for everything to be breaking news every day?There are many crises. But not all of them are a crisis.Ever wonder why our elected officials seem to do so little and pay attention selectively rather than being realistically or focused?This article will try to review, analyze, and discuss some current situations where it is not always possible to know if something is important or just a photo-op.

  1. North Korea. If the President claims that he believes North Korea’s leader and asserts that if any other President there would be war, then is this reality or are you simply stretching the truth? Experts and advisors have indicated that there has not been any real progress in reducing nuclear weapons. But Mr. Trump claims historic achievement and then walks away with an empty promise but no agreement (in writing). Is this Real or Memorex.
  2. NAFTA :Donald Trump often stated that NAFTA was a terrible deal and that he negotiated a new agreement. (This may or may not be approved by Congress). Was this an accomplishment/ success or lots of fluff.

  4. The Southern Wall How much attention have been paid to Trump’s efforts to build his Southern Wall, despite all the effort?While the majority of experts agree that this symbol is inefficient, ineffective and extremely expensive, Trump insists to his core supporters that he will keep his campaign promise.His opponents, he claims, are weak in border security unless they support his wall.In his request for this, he was willing to close down the Government and now seeks to declare a National Emergency to change how funding is done in this country.It is a shame that his campaign promise of building the wall and Mexico paying for it, is being kept to a minimum.
  5. Iran DealAbandoning The Iran Nuclear Deal, Because of his claim that it wasn’t working (although most experts here and around the world stated otherwise). Where was any real benefit, particularly on the risk/reward scale?

Although politicians have relied heavily on empty promises and rhetoric, public officials often put the nation at risk.America, wake up! Make America great again.


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